Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Furniture Design

My lovely friend and interior designer buddy Mina came over for a swim last week. While she was visiting my home she asked where I got my console table from. I had a little chuckle and said "it’s a Bronnie original".

I designed this stainless steel mesh console table back in 1998 at university. Being a particularly practical person it was my intent to design a piece of furniture that was completely functional, as well as unique and beautiful.

At the time I was very inspired by the super stylish French interior designer Andrée Putman. I still am today. Her strong minimal yet feminine style is so elegant. Putman used stainless steel mesh in a few of her designs (pictured above) and I was instantly drawn to this stunning and underused material. I found the purity of its texture and colour completely tantalising.

I thought it would be a gorgeous material for an indoor / outdoor console. I imagined the sun streaming through it when outside and the light of a lamp shimmering on it's flawless surface when inside.

Nearly 14 years on this console table has always found a spot in my homes. Although it needs a good polish after being outside at our previous home, it will remain a special piece reminding me of 4 wonderful years at university.




  1. Bronnie

    The console still looks fresh 14 years later. 14 years, really..!


    1. B honestly it is divine - Despite all my years trawling through infinite catalogues of furniture!!

      Maybe this is one of many for you you clever duck!

      Mina xo


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