Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Cotton Lace Curtains

I have long been dreaming of cotton lace curtains billowing softly in my home. This dream began some years ago when I saw Maggie Tabberer's home featured in the Woman's Weekly. Her poolside lace curtains had me hook, line and sinker.


Maggie's curtains are just so exquisite don't you think! These images are from the lovely 'Simply Natural' blog and author Catherine features more on Maggie's home here.

After researching lace curtains some more I stumble across Keri's gorgeous post on her blog 'Driftwood Interiors'. Keri showcases Marcella Kaspar's home (coincidentally Maggie's home in a past life) and I also think her lace curtains pictured above are very special.

For my lace curtains I wanted something a little unexpected to go with my poolside terracotta clad floors and 70's homely vibe. I wanted a vintage look you could say.  

I soon discovered I had my work cut out for me. Souring such a look wasn't so easy especially when on a budget!

One thing was for sure they had to be all cotton. No voile no way!

 I purchased my stunning Madras Cotton Lace panels from a woman in America who was selling them at a steal. They are a discontinued line from the Morton Young and Borland Company that specialises in manufacturing Cotton Lace on original Nottingham lace looms and Scotch Leno Gauze Weave.

I bought extra for future client's, but if they tickle your fancy I'd be delighted to have you enjoy them too at this very special price.


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