Monday, May 25, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: A Special Session with Bronwyn


My New Service

I am launching my new service today and it's been a long time brewing. I am so excited to finally have it nutted out, test driven and official. I believe very deeply in the extraordinary power of this service and although essentially a very simple concept, it has taken me the best part of my (almost) 2-decade career to fully hone.

After relocating to California 18 months ago, I have had the opportunity to become very clear on 'why and how' I do what I do. I have identified my core design methodology by truly acknowledging my somewhat different approach and with this new found consciousness I have since enjoyed assisting family and friends with this more heightened awareness of my gifts.

Leaving my 17 year old design career behind in Sydney and starting my life over again here in Los Angeles, has given me the much needed sabbatical I have been seeking. During this time I have sought to understand more deeply my unique design technique. I have asked myself certain questions; What makes something beautiful? Why do I seek inspiration based on an outcome rather than a visual? And how specifically do I influence the feel of a space? What I now understand, is that I have a particular healing approach to my design work that I term, ‘Space Healing’. A process where I literally 'feel out' spaces and align them to my clients using colour, placement, texture & purpose.

Space Healing is my design philosophy and best described as the art of creating a home that is in complete integrity with my clients and their space. It is a design approach that honours the client’s wholly expressed uniqueness and pairs it with their space’s unrealised potential to create interiors that feel as good as they look. This has been my long time mantra for Touch Interiors and a responsibility I have carried since my first job in 1998.

So without further ado, I present my unique sessions that are on offer to homeowners worldwide.

My Family now living in America

What it is

This is a niche service and is very much for the client seeking MORE. More abundance, more clarity, more feeling, more love, more beauty, more life. This is not just for the client who has more to spend. My goal is to open up a pathway for more homeowners to get the help they need and allow them to truly connect with design, understanding fully that they are worthy of creating, rather than making do or simply making pretty.

I believe when your home truly reflects your authentic essence and the legacy you are creating for your life and your loved ones, so much more energy is freed up to create the life you truly want. My sessions create sacred time for you to be in intentional and constant creation with your home before you jump into solving problems with WHAT solutions. My sessions create time for the WHY, building your foundation so you can create your feeling, and dare I say healing, home.

There is no denying that a home that is set up to support you, is priceless. When you take care of your home, your life really does transform immeasurably. Imagine designing a home that erodes the busyness of the day as soon as you step foot inside, a home that inspires more productivity and a home that facilitates more joy for you and your loved ones. The aim of a session is to empower you with the tools you need to make the strategic design and purchasing decisions to create this home. Decisions that save you from costly mistakes, and not just monetary ones, and decisions that powerfully transform the quality and beauty of your world.

How it works

My sessions are conducted over Skype or Facetime and last anywhere from 2-3 hours. The first part of the session is devoted to a deeper level of enquiry where I listen and ask questions to bring more clarity and awareness to the things that really matter. It is this part of the session where we create your authentic intention for your home. The second part of the session is set aside to tour your home. You will walk me around your home and I will ask certain questions to prompt recognition and identify potential. You will be amazed at how this simple approach can help you reconnect with your space and see things that you were never present to before.

Once we have unearthed the WHY we can let the WHAT conversation begin. I will quickly tap into the colours, textures and styles that will work best for you and your space. I freely disclose all visions, all inspiration, giving you the jump start you need to develop your intentional and personal style.

Once our session has finished you will not be left alone. Whilst I anticipate just one session will powerfully set you up to create this very special home, at any point Touch Interiors is here for ongoing consultations and support. We have a large network of aligned stylists who can assist you with the specification and procurement services you may require to identify the very tissues required to make your home whole. Whichever way we do this, one thing is for sure, by doing the work you will truly receive all the joy and abundance that comes with creation. And this is the very gift our new service offers a new breed of homeowner who has been waiting for MORE.

I have limited appointments available for these very special sessions and I want to help as many people as possible. My direct email is if you would like to learn more. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

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