Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Kitchen Chandeliers

Homes really do have a voice. Hearing what a home is saying is by far the most intriguing part of my job. Communicating this voice with a concept on par with the budget is exactly the challenge I love.

Until we decide to do the full renovation I am healing our new home by employing some affordable and appropriate details that imbue a cosy 70's family charm that I hear my walls whispering.

The 70's vibe that I am channeling is completely infectious. It has made me decorate our home in a style that is somewhat new for me.

When I saw these gorgeous (and affordable) shell chandeliers I was thrilled.

And even more thrilled when I discovered they measured the exact drop to cover our three halogen lights that sat above our kitchen island.

They turned out better than I ever imagined (and not just because they make our 80's terracotta floor seem slightly more desirable)!

Your can purchase these gorgeous shell Chandeliers here for $95 each.
Do they talk 70's to you?


  1. all your ideas!x

  2. Just found your blog via Complete Pad.... just saving up for, oh, 10 different chairs and outdoor dining set for our newly reno'd deck. I LOVE your style - blue + white + beachy + cane is the look I love too. Keep inspiring me please!!

  3. I love your chandeliers, they are gorgeous. Looking forward to your future postings. I am one of your new followers...Greetings from the US...Heidi


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