Monday, March 26, 2012

Custom Lampshades

Beautiful custom lampshades don't come cheap but they really make all the difference to a space. I have been experimenting with all sorts of trims for a special shade I recently had covered for a lamp at home.

This shell trim is very tempting and captures the sunlight so beautifully.

 I also found this amazing vintage fabric on Etsy this weekend. I bought it very economically from a lady in America who emailed to say she has already shipped it. I plan to use it for another lampshade in my home. I just adore the hand drawn look, pops of orange and lovely birds.

It's the deceiving meters of fabric required for lampshades that make them so expensive. If you can find a beautiful vintage fabric then you are one step ahead!


PS: Sorry that my posts are so rare these days. I need more help in my business and am seeking an office manager to join my team. If anyone knows anyone suitable please direct them here.

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