Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manifestation and Creation During Pregnancy

Last night I reflected more on the wonderful creativity I enjoyed with my Mon Komo project that I posted about on Sunday. Today I want to share a little truth that came out of this experience. At the time of installing the Mon Komo display suites I was just a few weeks off giving birth to our third child Darci. With all three of my pregnancies, I experienced an influx of creation and manifestation in my life and particularly within Touch Interiors (my business).

With our Hugh, my first born, it was making the leap of faith that Touch could support both staff and an office outside my home. With our Ash, it was deciding to dedicate a large volume of unpaid time to tender for (and winning) the design and procurement of a 105 room resort in Western Australia, then seeing the project through to completion. And with our Darci, it was certainly my colourful, vibrant Mon Komo experience.

During my first pregnancy, a wise holistic friend warned about my 9 month opportunity to create extraordinary things in my life. She encouraged me to be conscious of my heightened ability to manifest and create during this time. This made perfect sense to me. If my body could do the extraordinary job of creating another human being, just imagine what I could create in my professional life at the same time.

These days I tell every pregnant woman I meet to honour their creativity and take the time to explore what it is they wish to manifest and create in their world. I truly believe in this and I am very grateful to my friend who planted the seed, giving me the consciousness to achieve what I did during the miraculous gestation period of my 3 children.

Here's a treasured photo. It was taken just across from my sisters property in Bellingen when I was pregnant with Ashley. I know it's a bit personal, but hey everything in this blog is. It truly captures the essence of this post, so I wanted to share the sun rays with you.

If you have manifested some wonderful things in your life lately I would love to hear about them.


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