Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagram the new blog alternative

I must say I am having so much fun on instagram. I have met many like-minded people and I am loving getting my daily fix of visual stimulation.

One of my new friends, Donna, from Nest Emporium (she owns a beautiful homewares shop in Thirroul NSW), started an instagram challenge called ‘5 Things Confessional’. She put me up to the challenge and in the spirit of instagram I couldn’t decline.

Here’s my post where you may learn just a little more about me;

Oh boy @nestemporium has nominated me for #5thingsconfessional .....so here we go;

1/ I wanted to impress my motor biking boyfriend (now husband), so much that I secretly went to get my motor bike license. I dismally failed when my neck froze from fear. But according to him failing was the best surprise ever.

2/ I am super sensitive to energy. Around both people and space. I consider myself a space healer. Then an interior designer. Touch Interiors was named 'Touch' because I have a huge fascination with texture and surfaces. Their energetic properties and the way they make us feel. My selections are always dictated by choosing the right texture first then the right colour.

3/ The happiest time in my life was becoming a mother for the first time and taking our new born son to LA for 7 months while Jas cut a film. I have a deep affinity with America and Americans. I love their positivity, their directness and their Anthropologie where I seriously hyperventilated when I first walked into their Santa Monica store.

4/ I have an unbiased appreciation for many design styles. I don't think I'll ever have a signature style. I certainly can't see it in my own work, can you?

5/ I love Instagram so much. I love being part of a community that allows me to share the beauty I see in my world. And I love seeing the beauty in yours too. I love that I can enter this world absolutely whenever I want. I love that I can get a social fix lying on my sofa all by myself.

Thank you new insta friends. B x

If you thought about joining the instagram bandwagon I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s easy, fast and so so fun. Make sure you pop by and say hello to me if you do.


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