Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Space Matters

The space matters.... by Seth Godin
"It might be a garage or a sunlit atrium, but the place you choose to do what you do has an impact on you.

More people get engaged in Paris in the springtime than on the 7 train in Queens. They just do. Something in the air, I guess.

Pay attention to where you have your brainstorming meetings. Don't have them in the same conference room where you chew people out over missed quarterly earnings.

Pay attention to the noise and the smell and the crowd in the place where you're trying to overcome being stuck. And as Paco Underhill has written, make the aisles of your store wide enough that shoppers can browse without getting their butts brushed by other shoppers.

Most of all, I think we can train ourselves to associate certain places with certain outcomes. There's a reason they built those cathedrals. Pick your place, on purpose."

My gorgeous business partner in Complete Pad, (my Aussie online interiors shop), Patricia, emailed me Seth's post above. Our slogan for Complete Pad has been "Because Space Matters" for some time now. This is the email she sent to me late last night. I really wanted to share it with you.
In P's words....

"This is actually a very spiritual post - its about energy. He does not mention the word once. But he knows it is, I think he deliberately avoids it.

But you and I both know it.

Apart from our homes, we try to get this energy across when people visit our space online, CP (Complete Pad). It's what needs to go across. The energy.
There is actually a lot to this post when you read it a second time. I am going to read this a third time now. ;)"

This is just an insight to why I love this woman and the depth of partnership she offers me.

I particularly enjoyed P's observation on how Seth has deliberately avoided any reference to spirituality. It's so true. It's too confronting and therefore not cool. But he has delivered the message pretty powerfully, hence his genius and mass following.

I practice yoga when I can, it's not very often. My favourite place to practice is Naam Yoga in Santa Monica. I walked in recently and the girls were buzzing telling me about the world class research work they were doing on Sound. It kinda went over my head but the essence I got. They were proving, here and now, that what we call spirituality today will be called science tomorrow.

I can't wait until the Seths of the world can just be real about it. Then we'll know we have truly evolved.

Patricia recently flew over to L.A. to surprise me for my 40th birthday. Feeling very blessed to have her in my life and work with her each day. Here we are in my home in L.A. before my birthday dinner.

And here's my 5 year old Ash, walking down 3rd Street prom after our restorative yoga class at Naam.

Stay cool you guys and remember, Space Matters!


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