Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ken Done - A blast from my past

While our kids are at the zoo I have popped into my office for a few hours. Coming to my studio on a weekend is so delightful. The stillness is so rejuvenating and I can focus.

Just now, on my way back from the bathroom, I stopped by my neighbour's studio Framing Workshop to say a quick hello and I notice a Ken Done print on their walls. Apparently Richard does a lot of Ken's framing. This print was of one of Ken's older painting depicting his art studio in Mosman situated above beautiful Chinamen's Beach The Cabin Studio. I was amazed to see how Ken's work painted back in 1980 conjured the same mood that I am trying to create in my new home. I notice many similarities especially in the furnishings.
During my preteens Ken Done was massive. His vibrant graphics and designs covered everything and anything from bikinis to coasters to Olympic posters. He was not only our local Mosman legend but our international one.


Around the same time Stuart Membery was another Aussie Mosman superstar, but I am planning another post about Stu later. Briefly however, the gorgeous Stuart Membery Jamaica lounge which I am currently importing from Stu in Bali is most similar to the one in Ken's painting don't you think? 


And the bamboo door curtain I recently bought off ebay for our childrens playroom also features here in Ken's painting.

Now that my curiosity in Ken Done has been rekindled I wanted to know more. His recent works are truly sublime. I just gave Amanda a call at the Ken Done gallery situated in The Rocks and she tells me Ken, now in his 70's, has moved away from his design work and is focusing solely on his fine arts. I am truly blown away by his current collection. His Viridian Sea Garden painted last year is my idea of art perfection. What do you think?

If anyone is looking for a bamboo door curtain, this ones on ebay looks vintage chic, unique & fabulous. And at $5 a real bargain. Our kids love theirs and it has made their space fun and inviting rather than just another room off our corridor. Hearing where they are within the house as the bamboo tinkers softly like rain is both reassuring and soothing. I am a big fan!

 Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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