Monday, February 20, 2012

One BIG rug and one BIG artwork!

I do love the evolving process of residential design however tackling a commercial brief quickly, realistically and appropriately certainly appeals to my business acumen.

Commercial spaces have an entirely different agenda and often require a specific custom solution. Often that solution needs to be BIG! As was the case with this massively oversized rug and artwork I recently installed into this office foyer.

We commissioned this stunning artwork from one of our favourite artists Sophie Taggart and teamed it with a custom designed goat hair rug from Tretford. We also installed three Sea Reed sculptures to imbue a sea side sentiment whilst not being overtly seaside.

And of course commercial grade fabric for some industrial strength benches were sourced and manufactured.

At the last moment, artworks for two more walls were added to the brief but not to the budget!

 Quick on our feet we painted up a series of inexpensive fish plaques and hung them in a row to create a bespoke piece that effectively filled up the long wall. 

We did the same to this seagull panel we sourced from a local retailer.

The client was very happy and so were we. It was certainly a big improvement to the mass of grey they had previously.


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