Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love Lace Exhibition

I've wanted to venture to the Powerhouse Museum for a while and on Friday I finally got the chance. My impromptu visit was one of those rare win win outings where the kids received as much enjoyment as I did.

For my three little people, the Wiggles exhibition was fabulous, but for me, discovering the 'Love Lace' exhibition completely refuled my love & appreciation of art. It was a serendipitous delight having only hung one pair of my newly sewn lace curtains two nights prior.

It was an incredible exhibition and curated perfectly to capture the mystique & subtle concealment of lace. An attribute I am completely enjoying with my new curtains.

Here are a few of my favourites from the exhibition;

Tablecloth by Mary Hackett of RMIT University Melbourne Australia

Tree by Waltraud Janzen of Kempten Germany
Third Space II by Andrea Eimke of Teenui Cook Islands
Lace Fence by Joep Verhoeven ofnRotterdam Netherlanda

Heirloom by Shona Wilson of NSW Australia
I'll try and take some photos of my new curtains to post soon.

I hope you are all relaxing and enjoying a lovely Easter break.


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  1. These are amazing! I especially love the lace fence. Thanks for sharing these.


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