Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seeing Potential

Last month I was visiting a few suppliers. Home Furniture on Consignment, (HFOC), in Alexandria, is always a must visit for me. Specialising in lightly used, pre owned, designer furniture & furnishings, HFOC is a showroom that really excites.

When I stopped in for a quick browse, there on the top floor, hanging on the wall just as I turned to leave, was that rare gem I always hope to find when I visit.

I purchased this 1989 original Eva Hannah painting for our family room. When I spotted it at HFOC, I thought  it was a gorgeous large painting that would suit the old skool 70's vibe I was reinterpreting for our home.

The dreamy view depicting the canals of Venice bought back wonderful memories as well as future aspirations to travel. I knew it was meant to be on my walls.

The power of things that we love, evoking such emotion, is key to creating meaningful healing spaces. While the colours of this stunning artwork completely heal my home, it's the emotion released within that makes me smile when I see it each day.

A few weeks ago I stopped in at the Moulton Gallery just near my office. Eva's work has been exhibited there over the years. I got chatting and to my surprise was told that my purchase was worth more than 10 times what I paid and apparently from Eva's Boudoir series.

Though it's not really about the money. For me, it was a lovely reminder. I've learnt to accept that my ability to identify potential where others may not see it, is the essence to my skill. Acknowledging this has taken many years to fine tune. When it comes naturally it can be hard to appreciate. Having gratification like this is always so rewarding.


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