Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hero's Journey

Last week a very dear friend Patricia and her two children stayed with us for a few nights.
Patricia is one of those friends that never ceases to inspire & challenge me in a way I could only imagine a good life coach would do for their client.
Last week she taught me about The Hero's Journey
Have you guys heard of it?
I encourage you to read more about Joseph Campbell's ideas if you are either or all of the following;
1) feeling stuck in any part of your life

2) having trouble identifying your purpose

3) striving for more bliss
Our Ash

In a nut shell the Hero's Journey is the storyline behind many brilliant fables, novels and movies including George Lucas' Star Wars. Essentially there is a hero that is feeling lost, they have a dragon to slay (their fear) once they slay this dragon they find their true purpose....and the net result is blisssssss!
The link above explains it far better!

The whole Hero's Journey concept totally resonated with me and has helped me identify the current hero's journey I am on; the one where I have three young amazing children who are growing up so fast and who have so much to teach me.

Admittedly I ignored the call of this hero's journey for quite some time as I attended to the 'juggling a business and young family' journey back in Sydney. The call for me to be an even more hands on Mum was always there and getting stronger and stronger.
It wasn't until Cali that I had the courage to go on this journey. Recently completing a 6 week summer break with the kids, all at home, I fell like I have finally worked through much of this journey....slayed my dragon so to speak and come out the other end with more purpose, clarity and certainly more bliss. It just feels good when you are doing what you are meant to be doing.
I believe our life is full of Hero's Journey's. Some are short & some are long. And some are certainly harder than others. My next Hero's Journey is staring me right in the face....Arghhh! But maybe I'll share that when I've completed it!
Santa Monica Trader Joe's
I had the urge to share this with you when I was doing the grocery shopping at Trader Joes this morning. Feeling blissful and content, I wanted to share what I found a simple and helpful concept.
So in the words of Disney's Frozen (which I am now all too familiar with) 'LET IT GO'......
Clip of kids singing Let It Go! 
  and answer the call of your next Hero's's there and it won't go away until you complete it!

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