Friday, October 10, 2014

Art for your floor as well as your soul!

When designing spaces for my clients, I was once asked what is the first item I select. 
If my intention is for a patterned rug, I always choose the rug first. And it's a process not to be rushed.
If this special piece hasn't presented itself to me yet, I manifest my clear vision and soon enough it turns up.
A rug anchors a space and is a foundation to be built upon.
With so many choices out there it can be a lengthy exercise just editing the options.

Rima, my lovely new friend who also lives in Santa Monica, was very clear on her vision for her bedroom. She wanted a grounding sanctuary that embraced a bohemian sprit but one that was uniquely her own.
  When asked what colours she saw in her space Rima always returned to the same ones; deep pinkie reds and browns.
I saw these colours too plus a hint of navy!

So I began the editing process and presented her with 4 options.

I wonder which one she'll select?
Tom, my gracious rug supplier, certainly helped by making the process easier. There is nothing better than seeing the rug in your space.
I consider any beautiful hand crafted rug, like these stunning examples, a piece of art.
Just like artwork, a rug has the power to deeply resonate with us and take us to that desired place, within our special space.

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