Monday, February 27, 2012

My Online Shop Give-A-Ways

We have a beautiful office tucked away near the National Park in Mosman and it's full to the brim with divine things that people never get to see or enjoy.

Often we are required to buy our fabrics and knick-knacks in bulk and we tend to have things leftover as a consequence. It has been bothering me for sometime that so many lovely things are not being enjoyed. Therefore I have decided to give one beautiful thing away quite frequently so my beautiful things can be enjoyed by you beautiful people.

China Seas Fabric Yellow Ikat Front Face

Cloth Fabric Blue and White Back Face

Here's how it's going to work:

-You need to like us on facebook.

-When you see our give-a-way hit your facebook page act fast.

-The first 5 people to post one of our online shop products (any product you like) to their facebook page will go in the draw to win that week's prize. Yes first 5 people only so it's great odds to win!

-Your post must include a heartfelt description on why you love that product and how you would use it in your home.

-It must include an image with a link to our Complete Pad product page for that item.

-On your post you must tag our Complete Pad facebook page.

-You must arrange to collect the prize (or cover freight if you choose to have us arrange it for you).

-The 5 names will be drawn from a 'hat', so to speak, with integrity.

One 50 x 50cm Yellow Ikat China Seas fabric cushion cover with the back face in a gorgeous blue & white patterned Cloth fabric. It comes with a 100% feather infill. It is so super cute and bright. The retail value of this cutie would be in excess of $250. China Seas is a very sort after exclusive US fabric label with a 5 yard minimum so you don't tend to see this ikat pattern around alot making this cushion unique and very special.

Good luck everyone!


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