Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time = Good Design

My ears pricked up just now. Sitting on my lounge entrenched in a document, I couldn't help but pay attention when Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud said:

"Good design is not about spending money, it's about spending time"

Oh so SO so true!
In our busy world where every minute must convert to a dollar it's just too easy to lose sight of the importance of time. Time to create and design is intrinsic to a successful outcome.

We certainly appreciate our clients who understand this and give us the gift of time.

Here's some good design I specified for a client recently - the stunning Hagia Coffee Table from Kenneth Cobonpue. It took a while to find the ideal solution for this client and it was worth the wait. It is perfect and ticks all the boxes!

It's bed time for me. Night night all.


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